varicose vein treatment in ChicagoIf your vascular doctor recommends a “non-invasive” varicose vein treatment in Chicago, they are referring a treatment that doesn’t involve surgery or incisions. Non-invasive treatment is done on your outer body and is usually painless. Minimally invasive treatments are surgical procedures in which your vein doctor will access the inside of your body in some way. This might mean pricking your skin with a needle, setting a catheter inside a vein, or accessing blood vessels through one or more little incisions.

Minimally invasive treatments differ from invasive or ‘traditional’ surgery in that they usually only require local anesthetics or “conscious sedation.” These are the preferred method of varicose vein treatment in Chicago because there is no need for a hospital stay or extended recovery period. There is little cutting involved, so there are minimal risks for scarring and side effects such as infection or anesthesia complications. Local anesthetics such as lidocaine are powerful enough to numb the treatment site and let you relax in comfort during your outpatient procedure.

What are some common non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments?

We usually refer to diagnostic screenings and therapeutic treatments when we talk about non-invasive treatments. Ultrasound technology is used extensively in vein treatment because it can be used to help your physician detect vein problems at their source, as well as guide them through delicate minimally invasive procedures.

Once a problem is detected, Dr. Castro’s first course of action is usually to prescribe diet and exercise, as well as weight loss and smoking cessation as appropriate. Another commonly prescribed non-invasive treatment is compression therapy. Wearing compression stockings, along with practicing healthy lifestyle habits, help promote healthier vein function.

If Dr. Castro deems compression and lifestyle modifications aren’t enough to help your vein issues, a minimally invasive procedure such as microphlebectomy or radiofrequency ablation may be recommended to eliminate the problem vein. This and other minimally invasive forms of vein removal in Chicago are fast and easy, and they’re performed right here in the comfort of our updated facilities.

Where to begin with treatment

The first step is to call us at 773-283-7887 or go online and set up an appointment for your initial consultation with Dr. Castro. From there, he will discuss your condition and recommend a vein care plan including non-invasive, minimally invasive, or a combination of treatments to meet your specific needs. Call us today to start looking and feeling better with our easy treatment options.