Anybody can develop swollen legs and ankles, but men have specific needs when dealing with this issue. Although men and women can both benefit from many of the same methods to reduce swelling in the lower body, there are a few distinctions in the way men should go about prevention and treatment. In this guide, we address how men in particular can get their legs and feet back to normal with the help of a Chicago vein expert.

Why does vein disease happen to men? Isn’t it a woman’s problem?

It’s important for men to understand that swollen legs and ankles are often a symptom of underlying vein disease. Venous insufficiency is an all too common form of vein disease that affects men as well as women. In this condition, the one-way valves inside the veins that allow the upward flow of blood malfunction. Instead of moving blood out of the lower body, affected veins allow the blood to fall backward and pool inside the vein. This can cause leg and ankle swelling, among many other bothersome side effects.

Many people mistake vein disease as a problem for women, but men are affected too. It is true that women are slightly more at risk for developing varicose veins and other vein disease symptoms, probably due to hormonal fluctuations such as taking birth control and pregnancy, but men can develop problem veins as well. Many men develop spider and varicose veins as a result of injury, working for long hours standing on their feet or sitting at a desk, smoking, or lack of exercise. All of these factors aside, if you have a family history of vein disease, you’re at a huge risk for getting varicose veins no matter your gender.

How can men in Chicago treat leg and ankle swelling?

Many men are hesitant to see any doctor, and it seems they are even more reluctant to visit a Chicago vein expert. Why? Probably because many people (men and women) view varicose veins as a cosmetic issue with no medical need for getting treatment. This way of thinking couldn’t be more wrong, because the underlying vein disease can cause a whole host of problems besides just swollen legs and ankles.

Pain, dermatitis, bleeding skin ulcers, and many other agonizing side effects can occur as a consequence of leaving vein problems unaddressed. Even worse, the impaired blood flow associated with venous insufficiency and swelling can also increase your risk for blood clots and a worrisome condition called deep vein thrombosis, which is a condition that needs immediate medical attention. Men with swollen legs and ankles should schedule an appointment with a Chicago vein expert as early as possible in order to prevent worsening symptoms and vein disease consequences.

If you work a job that requires a great deal of standing or sitting, you should take every opportunity to move around and change your position as much as possible throughout the day. If you spend too long in any one place, swelling in the legs and ankles can become worse and increase the chance of further damage to the leg veins. You can also improve swelling by losing weight, getting regular exercise, and wearing compression stockings.

In cases where swelling isn’t improved through lifestyle changes, vein removal in Chicago might be the best way to feel better. The good thing about modern vein disease procedures is that they are highly effective, fast, and painless. That means that busy, hard-working men are able to get the care they need in less than an hour and get back to normal activity almost immediately.

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