We at the Chicago Vein Care Center are proud that our very own Dr. Ramon Castro is a certified phlebologist by the American Board for Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM) as of 2014. Being ABVLM-certified is quite the accomplishment and a big milestone for the doctor as we continue to provide you with effective treatments and excellent services.

Who is the ABVLM and What does It Do?

The ABVLM is an independent, non-profit organization composed of medical practitioners involved in the practice of phlebology. The organization was founded in 2007 under the laws of the state of Illinois as the American Board of Phlebology, which aimed to improve the standards of practitioners in the field.

The Board of Directors of the American Board of Phlebology subsequently changed the name to its present name in June of 2013 in order to clearly reflect the field and purpose of the organization.

The ABVLM was established in order to improve the practice of phlebology in the state of Illinois and create standards that will ensure that the quality of the practice is maintained. This meant the establishment of certification exams and requiring certificate holders to maintain their credentials for continued practice.

As one of the main functions of the organization, it is responsible for giving out certifications in phlebology to candidates who meet, or even exceed, their established requirements for certification.

About the Certification

The certification in the specialty of phlebology is given by the ABMVLM to qualified individuals who have demonstrated excellent skills, significant knowledge, and great dedication in the field of phlebology. Obtaining this certification signifies that the physician has met the strict guidelines and rigorous standards of education, experience, and evaluation according to the standards set by the organization.

In order to become certified, a phlebologist must:

  • Complete the requisite training or experience qualifications.
  • Meet the continuing medical education requirements.
  • Pass the certification examination.

Once the physician passes the written examination, a certificate will be awarded to acknowledge that he or she has passed all the requirements for certification set by the Board of the ABVLM. The validity of the certification lasts up to 10 years and is subject to the program requirements set by the Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

What Does It Mean to Be Certified?

Medical practitioners in the United States are not required to obtain specialty certification. The act of obtaining certification is a voluntary process and is not a requirement to practice the chosen field.

But while it is not a specific requirement, obtaining certification for practice demonstrates the certificate holder’s expertise and commitment in the chosen specialty of medical practice. Certifications from esteemed organizations are a way for medical practitioners to demonstrate their prowess within their chosen field.