Varicose veins are not usually a prelude to health complications. However, when a person has varicose veins, it should be something to look at by your doctor before the veins become bigger. Most of the time, your doctors will let you undergo an ultrasound to monitor your blood flow.

Some of the ways to help prevent varicose veins from getting worse includes:

1. Changing your lifestyle and habits
Minor factors can often be the very reason why varicose veins happen more frequently. Things like obesity, or standing up for long periods. Making some changes and keeping away from these causes can lessen the chances of developing varicose veins.

2. Wearing compression socks or stockings
For people who are working in jobs that require standing up for extended periods, doctors would usually recommend compression socks or stockings. The advantage of having them is that they would put enough pressure on the legs. When there is enough pressure, those faulty valves can now close and blood can circulate and flow better towards your heart. Not only that, there is a less likely chance that your veins will swell. These kinds of special socks or stockings can usually be bought at health stores or online.

3. Getting treatment
When varicose veins become painful for you and are slowly jeopardizing your health and lifestyle, it is time to have that looked at by a doctor. They would generally try minimally invasive treatments. Places like the Chicago Vein Care Center provide a variety of varicose veins treatment.

Chicago Vein Care Center – Why CVCC?

At Chicago Vein Care Center, you can be assured of the best vein treatments around. The center and their facilities can help you gain back the confidence and beautiful legs that you always wanted. Not only that, you get to live a better life as well.

Dr. Castro at the Chicago Vein Care Center is dedicated to providing top of the line services to help you remove your varicose problems. From their consultation to the best advice and to their professional treatments, you can be sure of a life free from varicose veins.

The Chicago Vein Care Center provides high-quality treatments like:

1. Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy
This is a kind of therapy that includes injecting a sclerosant, which is a kind of chemical, into the vein.

2. Endovenous Laser Ablation
This is a treatment that an alternative instead of surgically stripping varicose veins. Usually, a tube is inserted into the affected vein using a needle. Heat energy is then shot inside to make it collapse and sealed so that the blood can flow through other veins.

3. Sclerotherapy
Another treatment that also injects a chemical irritant using a needle. This would also collapse the affected vein, then shut it so that blood can flow to other veins. However, the treatment would require several sessions and is usually done for spider veins.

What can I expect from getting treatment with CVCC?

You can expect better health and uncanny confidence after treatment with CVCC. After getting treatments from the Chicago Vein Care Center, you can finally wear those shorts or skirts that you want to wear for a long time. There will still be post-treatments like wearing compression stockings, and leg wraps to get your legs to heal after some time. You can also expect top-notch treatment from the staff and especially the doctors. They always pride in putting their patients first.

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